Editorial Board

Editorial in Chief

Woo Cho(Sangji University)

Board members

Song, Hong Seon(Folk Plant Research Institute)

Jung, Soo Young(National Arboretum)

Sung, Hacheol(Chonnam National University)

Oh, Hong-Shik(Jeju National University)

Yu Jae Pyoung(National Science Museum)

Kang, Jung Hoon(Cultural Heritage Administration)

Lee Bae Keun(National Institute of Ecology)

Song Jae Yeong(National Park Service)

Daesik Park(Kangwon National University)

Sung-Hun Jung(Chungnam National University)

Bong-Kyu Byun(Hannam University)

Byeon Hwa Keun(Seowon University)

JUN KIL CHOI (Sangji University)

Kim, Young Sik(Kunsan National University)

Han Gil CHOI(Wonkwang University)

YUN Chung Weon(Kongju National University)

CHOI, Song-Hyun(Pusan National University)

Bae Kwan Ho(Kynugpook National University)

Park Gwan Soo(Chungnam National University)

Park Seok Gon(Sunchon National University)

Bum-Jin Park(Chungnam National University)

Chan-Yong Sung(Hanbat National University)

Kyung-Tae KIm(Busan National University of Education)

Park Kyung Hoon(Changwon National University)

CHOONG HYUN OH(Dongguk University)

Jeong-Ho Kim(Konkuk University)

Eum, Jeong-Hee(Kyungpook National University)

Cho Dong-gil(NEXUS Design Centre)

Kim Bo Hyun(National Park Service)

Hag-Young Heo(National Park Research Institute)

Mike Maunder (Fairchild Tropical Gardens, USA)

Yonghuan Jin (Institute of Applied Ecology, China)

Weihong Zhu (Geography Dept. of Yanbian Unvi., China)

E. Gregory McPherson (USDA Forest Service, c/o Univ. of California at Davis)

Cate Bradley (US National Park Service)

Jun-Hyun Kim (Michigan State University)

Editor Director

Park Seok Gon(Sunchon National University) orcid

Managing Editor

Hyeon-Ju Jeong(Korean Society of Environment & Ecology)